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I am a freelance theatre composer and sound designer working from my studio in sunny south London. I specialise in theatre for children and families. You can listen to lots on my Music page.

Some of my shows are available for performance in North America through Plays for Young Audiences.

Julian Butler New
The Snow Queen opens today at Polka Theatre, where it runs until February 2018. I have written the music...
The Snow Queen Polka Theatre

Pied Piper Theatre Company's production of Hare & Tortoise opens today at The Mill Studio, Guildford before dashing off on tour until Frebruary. I have written the music for this...
Pied Piper Theatre Company

Burglar Bill opens today at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith. The Pied Piper Theatre production is playing there for half term week...

The Night Pirates opens today at the Rose Theatre, Kingston before embarking on an autumn tour.
The Night PiratesThe show is a co-production with Nick Brooke Ltd.. I have worked on the sound design...

Under the Rainbow, with music by me, is now open at Polka Theatre for a four week run.
Julian Butler MusicThe show stars Marleen Vermeulen and is directed by Polka's artistic director...

Sarah and Duck's Big Top Birthday is now on a national tour. I am the sound editor and sound designer on this show...
Julian Butler Sarah and Duck

Touched by Stephen Lowe and starring Vicky McClure, has now opened at Nottingham Playhouse.
Touched Nottingham Playhouse I have written the music and created the sound design...

Julian Butler Theatre Composer
My brother Stephen and I have made a new album. It's called Honour Among Thieves, and is available now through iTunes and Amazon.

Here is a video for the single, Salvation.

Time Stands Still
, from Engine House's Beauty and the Beast, is available through iTunes and all the rest.

It was recorded in my studio and features the amazing vocals of David McAlmont.
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Julian Butler Flat StanleyA recording of Flat Stanley, a musical with book by Mike Kenny and music and lyrics by me, is available to download free here. It features the voices of Helen Woolf, Sam Hallion, Adam Ryan and myself. Matt Hutchinson plays drums, and I play everything else. It was recorded in my studio, Thirteen and a Half.

I have made a Gallery so you can properly stalk me.

While you're here, how's about a little game?

If you feel inclined, you can download vocal scores for four of my musicals: Neverland, Flat Stanley, Beauty and the Beast and Run!.

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Julian Butler NeverlandThe soundtrack album of my musical, Neverland is available here to listen to, or download free. I wrote the book, music and lyrics. The show spent Christmas 2015 at Lakeside Arts in Nottingham. It is available for performance in the USA and Canda through Plays for Young Audiences. Music boffins can have a gander at the Vocal Score here.

Julian Butler Theatre ComposerBeauty and the Beast, featuring songs by me and a script by Mike Kenny, is available for performance in the USA and Canada through Plays for Young Audiences. You can listen to the soundtrack here, and peek at the Vocal Score here.

You can have a good poke around my studio here.

My beloved band, Viper Squadron, have made three albums. You can listen to them for free here:

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