The new Viper Squadron album, CONFEDERACY OF THE BEES, is a collection of b-sides and unreleased songs.

All have been freshly remastered, with some being re-recorded.

The album inludes a new version of our seasonal evergreen The Bells of Christmas.

The new recordings were made at Thirteen and a Half during February and March 2014.

You can now download all our albums for free, and listen to Confederacy of the Bees below.


01 We Come in Peace   02 We’re Not Afraid of You
03 If You Think You’re a Man   04 Get Out of My House
05 All the Money’s Gone   06 Abduction Song (Piano Version)
07 Rocket to the Moon (Part II)   08 The Birds and the Bees
09 Break-in at the Doctor’s Surgery   10 Jose Maria Portales Ruiz
11 My Favourite Song   12 The Bells of Christmas
01 Viper Squadron are the Best Band in the World
02 The World’s Gone Mad   03 If I Was a Girl
04 Cops and Robbers   05 Abduction Song
06 Get Ur Hands Off My Women   07 The Deep, Dark Wood
08 The Kids are Getting Out of Control
09 Son of a Well-Known Gun   10 Can’t Hardly Stand It
11 Rocket to the Moon
01 World on Fire
02 Computers are Taking Over the World
03 The Graveyard Stomp   04 Attack of the Vapours
05 Mitzy   06 Drugs Have Wrecked My Life
07 Robot Girl   08 We Never Had Love as Children
09 There’s a Ghost in My House   10 We Can’t Be Friends
11 Debra